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Live goes on afterwards. You are still the same person with the same fears, doubts, good and not so good, hopes, dreams and illusions. You still have to deal with yourself, your partner, your life.

Many people told us repeatedly: After you’re having a child, everything will be different. Your life will totally change.

That’s wrong. It’s all the same. The only difference is, that Fiona is here, which is a great joy, but it does not make me a different person, neither a better nor a worse one.


The actually hardest thing is not the birth, its what comes afterwards (Charlot confirms that! It’s not just a male perspective J). The challenge is not the child, it’s the change from being a couple (two) to being a family (three). You need to learn and adopt to the new status – a huge challenge for the relationship.


Educations starts from the beginning! I thought: what a sweet little things, we just need some time. Time to cuddle, to enjoy the new presence, to find a rhythm together. Just let her sleep, drink, wake… Well, bad habits start from first breastfeeding on and establish so fast! And I think, we already spoiled her! And now – oh my god, she is only 3 week old – it’s already damn hard to change habits! (Details about breastfeeding will be posted soon by Charlot…)

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