A Long Journey – Part I

Aktualisiert: 17. Nov 2018

On August 4th – the last day of the <summer school> – Charlot and myself had a conversation with Jonathan about us moving to the Leob. On the 4th of November, we have arrived here. So, it has started, our „new life“.

For 3 month we were like free roaming spirits trying to live up to our decision. Finding out what this decision really means and how to materialize it. In fact, the most difficult thing during the „in-between“ time was, to relax, find some calm moments to not just outwardly (organizing), but to inwardly prepare and to think on a deeper level about our future.

Here is a short report about the three month of “in-between”:

In August we had the „travel week“ of the summer school. Together with 22 others we visited the Isle of Arran, went to the Lake District, Wales and finally Tintagel in Cornwall.

After this “race”, we, just us two, tried to have a holiday by staying in Cornwall for another week. After being with people and being in charge (as organizer and workshop leader) of the events it was hard to come down. We still looked at very stone circle along the way and found it hard to just do nothing and sty at one place. Also, we were quite disappointed: After being at the most amazing beautiful sits, Cornwall was a desert! Because of the hot and dry weather there was almost no green in England. And the place was overcrowded. Too many people and much to busy. The campsites were all booked out, the nice places flooded with tourists, and the weather quite cold and rainy. So we left after some days and went, via Avebury (THE stone circle) and other nice places to the Netherlands, where Charlot’s family had their annual family meeting.

That was most of August… tbc

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