A Long Journey – Part II

End of August:

Scotland (we were, probably still are, never totally realistic about it but always tried to be) is only possible with me having some kind of job! Hey, we are starting a family! I have to learn to be responsible! Not just for myself alone. How do you feed tree people?

I drove to Dornach for some important meetings about future jobs possibilities. The many talks and meetings didn’t yield what I had hoped for, no reliable decisions, too many thing left open, no security on the horizon. Charlot stayed with her family in Maastricht. I needed the Dornach time also to arrange my things. My office at the Goetheanum still needed a final sorting through, books needed to be stored away etc. Also my old home, the Efringerweg WG (living community) was awaiting me to clear some of my stuff away. Luckily my old room was available form me to be there fort these days and to get some order into the chaos in the basement where all my things were stored. Rudi and Hans-Christian offered me a spot in their basements for my extensive book collation. Thanks! If I never return, please just burn it- you’ll do me a favour! But for now, I’m still attached to this burden. As long as we will not have much space in Scotland and are not sure if the experiment will work out, I’m very grateful lot not being forced to carry all thse whait with me.

I drove up north again to visit my father, who, in hospital, has some health problems. He felt it to be the right time to talk about our relationship. It turned out – he just wanted us to move into his house. As such, not a bad thing, but the way he proposed it, it left us no space for our own ideas. Charlot came to Rheine where my father lives to meet us there. She was heavily persuaded by him to like Rheine – a faceless small town. The way he almost tried to force Rheine upon us pushed us rather away. So we moved on.

The journey brought us to „St. Peter-Ording“, at the North Sea. We were camping behind the dunes and had three wonderful windy but sunny days with long walks.

My godchild Julius lives on the other side of „Schleswig-Hollstein“, on the Baltic Sea. On our way to Berlin it was another lovely stop. We enjoyed a few days with the wonderful family of Johannes and Bente, with their kids Julius, Ben and Eleonore. Sunny days of late summer with already cold nights.

We also met Uli and Anne with their five kids in Eckernförde. I got to know them 4 years ago on the Leob Croft. They spend 3 month on Mull and – since then – are thinking about moving there. My hope is that now, after Charlot and myself are living here, its easier for them to make the decision and that soon, or one day, they will do the step. The Leob is awaiting them! For Charlot and myself a life on Mull only makes sense (in the long term) if more people move here to live together in a community.


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