A Long Journey – Part III

Aktualisiert: 11. Dez 2018


On our way to Berlin, we were caught by a police speed camera and had to pay €100 for driving to fast. For a 3-month time-span, where we drove more than 10 000 kilometer, it was the first and only time we had a conflict with the law or a problem with the car. I love my old Skoda! Just too bad that it likes driving fast :-) The good car is now parking at Leob with very worn out tires, I will have to get rid of them (exchange them with the winter tires) soon. The mountain tops surrounding us are already white.

The whole of September we had a lovely time in Berlin. We lived in a sweet and spacious apartment of an old school friend Jan Nicolai, now a renowned artist in a backyard just opposite of Spreewald Platz. I bought myself some runners and went jogging quite often through Görlitzer Park, along the Spree towards Treptower Park. Turned around at Insel der Jugend and enjoyed (with some nostalgia) to pass places I once knew quite well (I used to live for 5 year in the area). Charlot had to work at the Eurythmy School where I was able to keep a workshop about Goethean science, mainly about plants, metamorphosis of leaves and flower gestures with their 20-something students. We also – with the students – went to „Linum“, 60 km northwest of Berlin, an extensive wetland place, where thousands of northern cranes and gees are gathering on their migration routes to feed and to prepare their onwards journey to southerly winter homes. Huge flocks of starlings did air eurythmy. With the sunset, cranes in long lines were flying after each other, trumpeting, just above our heads.

October was the last chance to get finished with my Dornach issues. So, end of September, we went south to Switzerland, but not without enjoying the ride side-tracking all the way (and what we did "side-tracking"- you can read in a later post...).


Linkes Bild: unsere Dachwohnung, links neben dem Schuppen sieht man die Eingangstüre mit Küche. Noch weiter links wohnen Jonathan und Ann. Rechtes Bild: Noch Chaos, aber wir haben es warm...

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