A Long Journey – Part IV

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I think this recap gets a bit too long (and boring).

So in short:

We left Berlin via the small town Laubach in the heart of Germany to see my Granny.

We left Laubach to visit Butsbach, i.e. the outlet of “Hess Natur” (to buy organic Baby Stuff)

Then we suddenly felt: Dornach? No way! We turned around again for a short “Iro-Scots in Hessen”- Tour.

Instead of a description or it in this place you find an separate article about the Iro-Scots in the heart of Germany called “Celtic Christianity and Boniface” (to be published soon!).

Left: «Wüstung Hausen», an old 6th century chapel building (ruin) funded by monks from Scotland (see the «Celtic Christianity and Boniface» blog entry). Middle: Evening sun from «Helfensteine» near Kassel after a hail with strong winds, snow and ice and heavy rainfall. This was a real autumn day. Right: My favourite piece of art: Beuys`s «7000 oaks». Startet at «Dokumenta 7» in1982 in Kassel. He planted oaks, next to it basalt columns all over town. This «action» went on for years. To me one of the nicest, honest, fascinating, innovative, free and secretive resurrections of Celtic spirit in our modern age.

We finally ended up in Dornach.

It wasn’t too bad.

We had a wonderful week with Madelaine and Orphea at their place.

Apart from that: It was horrible. Streets, Houses and some People (of cause not all of them) felt like belonging to the past. No future here. It was getting depressing. We escaped.

We had a great week in Avrona (Swiss alps) with hiking, writing, reading, working on a laptop-based project where I needed to Photoshop picture for a publication. WE could stay at Klaus’s tiny (but lovely) place (whilst he was in Dornach).

But a whole household does not pack itself into a van by itself. We had to go to Dornach for a final week to prepare for the big move.

We spent the week at Johannes’s nice home with Elizabeth, Leonardo and Gina while he (Johannes) (next to many other things) visited my brother Julian in Laos. During this week we got serious about moving. Some things (well lets name it: my thousands of books) needed to find a god place where the could stay. I wont want them in Scotland as long as the future is uncertain. I might get them some other time. We hired a van in Lörrach (just over the border in Germany) from Sixt and started loading it. Had pizza feast with our nice helpers (thank you Leonardo and Marian!!!)…

…and off we went…


3 things I forgot (and urgently would need here) in Dornach: My towels, a tea pot, a mattress.

2 things I wish I could have brought but couldn’t: My bees! And the garden (with all the tulip- and daffodil bulbs).

1 thing I regret having left behind (next to the already mentioned and except people): Nothing!

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