A Long Journey – Part V

23rd October 2018. We are on the road. Charlot in my Skoda, me in den hired van. 700 Miles up north to Bad Meinberg (near Detmold) so see my mom and dad.

200 km to Witten the next day. I had my PhD Thesis presentation (“Verteidigung”). So friends and my colleagues and the professor (P. Heusser, S. Baumgartner) in charge came. It didn’t go as planned. I’m not satisfied at all. Honestly: It was a disaster. Basically I just passed (“rite”). But because the oral part is just 1/3rd of the whole grade (and the written part had quiet good ratings, my endnote is still a “magna cum laude”, which I’m quite pleased with. Thanks to everyone who helped me to get through a tough 7 years of dissertational matters…. :-) YEAH! (and eternal gratitude to Stephan, he knows why! This would be nothing without him…)

On the same evening we continued driving to Maastricht, to Charlots mom. Stayed the there for the night. Drove on to Amsterdam (IJmuiden), overnight Ferry to Newcastle in North England. The van was packed, but still the front seat (passenger seat for 2 people) was ½ free. So we went along Hadrians Wall west to Penrith, the last 30 miles (took us 1 ½ hours) went through the beautiful Cambrian mountains to a watermil, where they grind bio-dynamic grains and make fantastic flour. We bought 25 kg wheat wholemeal, 25 kg spelt and 12,5 kg of rye. See picture in former post). Loaded it onto the seat, and drove on. I shoulnd forget- to mention: the place has a great café with amazing cakes and good coffee.

We almost missed the last ferry from Oban to Mull, but still got onto it, because it was running late.

Unloading the van, sorting...

(See earlier blog entries for a chronological picture about “day one”).

But we were not there yet. Not quite. My Skoda stayed in Maastricht and the van need to go back to Germany. We jumped into the empty van and drove back to Newcastle. Overnight Ferry. Maastricht. Took the car drove together (but in two cars) to Aachen where we returned the van and went shopping. Alnatura! The Skoda was packed! Back to Maastricht for the night. Next day to Amsterdam (IJmuiden), Fish and Ships at the peer (we love that place), overnight ferry, Newcastle, this time along the east coast to Edinburgh, a quick visit to the Edinburgh Madonna’s of Raphael, lunch in the city, quickly onwards to Oban (we almost missed the ferry, if it were not to run late), on Mull heavy rain, we could hardly drive, just at the gate to the Leob Croft, it stopped raining, the sky cleared up and we fell into our bed, looked up through the roof window into the sky full with bright shining stars.

We arrived.

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