A Morning at Leob

Aktualisiert: 26. Dez 2018

Hello everyone. It’s the 3rd advent Sunday. I hope you are all good, because we are good as well. We had a nice carol concert yesterday (yes, we sing in the local choir) and the weather is splendid today. The rest is pretty much self-explanatory- enjoy...

First steps each morning: lighting a fire, putting the kettle on, finding the welly’s in the dark...

Greeting the day and calling the bullock and donkey

Greeting Sparky who loves to stroll around and to accompany us on our way to the chickens. But once they are freed out of the shed, he escapes onto the fence (he is a brave cat, but chicken, hui, he`s scared!

Greeting the bullock and giving him some cobbs...

Everet the donkey :-)

Letting the chickens out and watch, that the old ones don’t bully the news ones (our “speckledy” on the right picture, whom I give some extra grains :-)

After a quick but heavy shower its nice again. I walk home towards the cattle that should be boiling by now... (and if I`m lucky, Charlot already prepared some coffee .-) It going to be a wonderful day!

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