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Parallel to Marie Julikas birth, I went pregnant with plans and ideas about a 6-month training at Leob. And now the details are public. And I`m eager to share the news with you!

I am offering a Easter to Michaelmas intensive course in nature studies, personal growth and community building. The magic is, these are not three different topics, but essentially the same. They reflect on each other, catalyze the other and holistically belong together in a way that they, as a trinity, allow the new to enter our lives and this planet.

Before I describe more, I`d like to say a few words about the pregnancy.

Our experience of the corona year 2020

2020 was difficult, different, and – looking at it positively – full of surprises and reconciliations. The need to find new direction and the essence, of what is important was its main theme.

I freely admit, I think "Corona" i.e. the global dictatorship of the 1% super rich, its the biggest fraud in mankind's history, I don't believe a single thing about the mainstream narrative (please watch my Virus video), but that's not what this post is about. I am mentioning this to indicate, that I was struggling a lot. The whole madness seemed to tell me, that its decision time. Do as it pleases "them" or as you think is right. It felt like wasting my time to continue on half flame, in staying with the status quo. Instead, "Corona" seemed to tell me: try to reach 100%, aim for the highest, go for what you think should happen now, be the change you want to see in the world. In short: if not now, when is the best time to do what you really want to do? Change is needed now. But not for the sake of change, but because the old has no right anymore. The old system is forcing itself onto everyone's lives and is killing the planet. One needs to replace it by building new models and by living alternatives.

I came to Leob Croft not to enjoy the views and merely live close to nature. That is not enough. I came to start a educational center to reconnect with nature, a place where all my skills can come to fruition in practice, such also in teaching and in linking with like minded people in community- not a perfect one but one, who is trying to live up to something different, something more peaceful, humble, calm, connected.

Teacher and "a leader in every chair"

Already in Switzerland, when Hans-Christian Zehnter, Adelheid Klassen and myself, founded "Anblick", a "Verein", to foster nature observation in an anthroposophical way, we thought about a "campus", some kind of base camp for living and teaching. We looked at some places but nothing turned out to be realistic. When I was part of the "Fennematt" project, a community in the Vosges mountains I started the organizing events part of it there, with the idea to eventual starting a training as well. And now, at Leob again, there is a possibility for a training. But, am I ready yet to start a training? A corona year to think about it. And in autumn the answer: Yes I am! Now is the time!

I don't understand my role purely as a teacher, the one with the advance in knowledge and experience who shares the wisdom, bur rather as a facilitator or process initiator and companion. I feel responsible for the process and the group process I feel responsible to hold a vessel in which things can happen. I feel in charge of something to happen. What exactly will happen, is up to the group, i.e. each participant.

The three columns of the training

The social "Society" column

I truly believe in the three essentials of community building by Scott Peck: Inclusiveness, Commitment and Consensus.

If inclusiveness is practiced than everyone and everything is welcome. This is a gesture of non-violence. Nothing is rejected and such everything can find its place. No artificial limits are set. Borders eventual always lead to chaos and to the destruction of a group. If inclusiveness is part, everything can be looked at and be healed in a accepting and open way. It works together with the other two guiding principles:

Commitment. This means, that each one needs to "step into the circle". One needs to unconditionally say "yes" to the group and what is happening there. This is actually not as big as it sounds. It rather means, you should not secretly or obviously retreat out of the process. If you do, you preclude yourself from the initiation you were seeking. Stay faithful to what you originally wanted and step into the unknown in order to experience something new. The group hereby is not your enemy, its your support.

Consensus is important in all decision making processes where it concerns everyone. This guarantees and is lived commitment and inclusiveness. Everyone has the same say. And its your own responsibility to stay in the circle and not to cut yourself out. Always remember: you are responsible for your own experience and a co-leader.

A living and learning community

In this way, the course its a learning opportunity- not a curriculum. I have a lot to offer, but its up to the group. Everyone has a lot to offer. And I see my role in unlocking all these gifts. We still will learn, experience and do things according to a program that will be mainly with myself as the main workshop leader. But again, I`m offering experiences, I`m leading towards enabling own experiences. I cant "preach" those experiences, but I can point towards them, lead through them and in the group we will reflect on them and deepen them.

With "experiences" I talk about a deeper connections, a heartfelt relationship and acknowledgement of nature as our nature, and us, as inscribed into nature according to Goethe: "study nature to recognize yourself, look into your soul to comprehend nature". Nature is our classroom. We understand nature as far as we learn about ourselves- i.e. shadow work, self development a meditative life is crucial. Only as far as we go deeper in our own experience of our soul, we can proceed in nature study and vice versa. For instance the blossom of a flower can lead us to a hidden world within us if we stay true to what we can observe. In its color, shapes, gestures it express something we can find in yourself but might not know yet in its rich content.

The "soul" and the "soil" column

These are strongly linked to the Goethean phrase: "look into the world (nature) to understand yourself – study yourself, to learn about the world". When we practice nature observation in a Goethean way, we practice self-observation at the same time. Natures secret laws, are the human being, and the human soul is spread out as our sense world.

Details about the program are on this website:

I`m overly happy to have done this move. At least to offer it. Now we need to see if it resonates with people needs. We are offering a intense nature study and gratifying self development training. In the upcoming Covid year 2021. instead of online course and online school and being forced to stay home a lot, we can form a community for 6 month and study together, spend time outside in nature and deepen our relationships to "soil" (nature), "soul" 8oze own being, and "society" (community experience).

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