Baptism in the "Cathedral"

On Monday 13th May in the morning some Mullians (locals), a befriended couple Rhyddian and Laura with their lovely daughter Megan, neighbours Mandy, Claire and Minty, Jonathan and Ann of course, with Yeshi looking after Ann, Fiona’s godparents Maren and Roland, as well as Paul Newton, the Christian Community priest from Edinburgh together with a Ann who came to serve, Willem Boonstoppel from the Christian Community in Aberdeen and his wife Lucienne (who were on holidays on Mull) gathered to celebrate the baptism of Fiona Johanna. Because we live in the most beautiful spot on this planet in remarkable natural surroundings (Rhyddian said “it’s a piece of paradise”), we were lucky to have Paul willing to do the sacrament of christening outdoors in the hazel woods- a place Jonathan calls "the cathedral" because of it’s special character. It’s a natural dome made out of old hazel branches, with a carpet of bluebells and wild garlic, some rock like natural alters. We just put out some benches and ready it was - the perfect location for Fiona’s naming.

When Paul came to the line in the sacrament where "Fiona Johanna", the child’s name is called out for the first time (where to the sacraments meaning, the child and the name connect as an incarnational mystery), he spoke her name directed to her, looking at her. Fiona was wide awake, slightly smiling and looking at him with a firm deep look full of astonishment and approving. She clearly new what’s going on. Throughout the rather short ceremony she was calm and paying attention siting on Charlot’s lap.

After the ceremony we had tea and cakes and a little lunch at the fire place near the buildings. It was a relaxed festive feeling about it. After the "congregation" left Fiona had a 3 hours sleep. The first time she slept so long during the day. After that until now, she seems a bit different, calmer, even more settled, content, somehow still echoing and digesting what happened. She clearly arrived on earth.

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