Bees at Leob

Since yesterday evening Leob Croft is the home of 2 honey bee colonies.

The hives are placed in what we call "the room", the black currant and soft fruit area of the garden. Its surrounded by hazel trees and bluebells.

We got the bees from the varoa free black bee (native bee of Scotland) reserve, which is the Island of Colonsey. One can see Colonsey from the Ross of Mull to the South, its somehow a neighboring island. But to get there, one first needs to travel away fro it to Creignure, take the ferry to Oban and then take the 2 hour crossing with a different ferry to Colonsey.

Andrew Abrahams who does an amazing job to secure the future of a varoa free population and a genetic pool of a pure breed black bee send 6 colonies to Mull. He put the nucs (short for "nuclei" i.e. offspring units of a colony, i.e. 5 frames of bees and a queen) on the ferry to Oban where I picked them up for the rest of their journey. 2 nucs went to Tobermory for the bee association of Mull and Iona, 2 nucs went to Baptiste for the bio-dynamic farm of Torosay, and two nucs remained with me for Leob.

I transferred them strait into their new come in the evening (in the first photo you can still see the transportation boxes). I checked if everything is alright and saw the queens. I closed the hives and all the bees that were flying around found their way into their new homes sine they followed the smell of the queen.

This morning in the sunshine they were already flying as if everything was normal. I believe they accepted there new homes. Some bees are returning from their flights with light yellow pollen on their legs- Pollen from the bluebells that are still flowering everywhere. I`m so please to have them. Only now I realize how much I missed keeping bees. I was waiting so long- last year I was not high enough on the waiting list to get a nuc, but this year, finally it became realty. A reality that I think will change Leob a lot- the land, the vegetation, but also us, the community- of cause to the better! Welcome bees!

Our little Apiary!

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