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Ben More

Soon it will be one year, that we are at Leob on Mull. It has always been a wish of mine, to climb Ben More. It feels as if "he" is the watchman over Leob and the whole Island. It always felt awkward to tell holiday guest who are staying at Leob how to climb Ben More, to give them advice etc. and not having been there myself. In the previous years when I was on Mull it always was because of the Summer School, such, I was too busy for doing this daytrip. And since we are here, our life has just been so eventful, I hardly had any time for leisure trips. I hardly make it to Iona once a month... but now, we finally did it. We put Fiona in the sling on our back (in turns) and climbed up on a wonderful sunny day. It was warm and dry, but you can’t have everything, it was misty, too much moisture in the air and such, not a very good view. We could just about make out Staffa (which is not very far away. We could not see Leob, because the evening sun shining just over the Ross made the Leob and Ardtun peninsulas look black and the water brightly reflecting the light. So, we could make out where it should be, but did not see the yurt.

By the way- does anyone know if the cairn on top is a real one or a newer construction? To me it looks pretty much like a real cairn. In Wales (Llyn peninsula) I was surprised to find that most peaks have a rather large cairn on top of them. Is it the same here?

The next trip we urgently want to do is the fossil tree at the Burgh. We see it all the time, it’s by air not far away, but doing the hike there, is again a full days adventure and we need for it: a day without any other obligations, a day where Fiona is alright (well she is almost always ready for adventure), another sunny day…

Up the hill along a beautiful glen

Ben More was just the second peak...

We climed all along the ridge to the top...

arrived savely :-)

Stafa from the top

thats the strange cairn. Good for wind shelter anyway...

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