Building Ones Own House

Is a yurt a house? Yes. If you live in a tent or a bunker, it’s your choice of how you want to live, such, whatever structure you are living in, is your house. For ancient cultures this might have been a cave or the plains and wide skies above them, nowadays for most people it’s a concrete box with windows polluted by 20 or so WIFI and other electromagnetic fields that you rest your head on after a day’s hard work.

For me - and I suppose Charlot as well - we want to live in a way hat we are sheltered from the elements (which can be quite harsh here) but still eel nature around us, hear the wind, feel the wind, hear the rain tapping, wake with the sunlight etc. We want to be able to step out of our place and have the beauty of nature directly looking at us. With the yurt this dream will become true. It’s been a dream for a long time. I now found the people and the place to make it real. And real it feels - I`m very sore, sometimes I’m so nagged I can’t even lift my arm. The yurt will only 40 square meters, but still more than a ton of wood to move, cut, put into balance so everything is level, hundreds of screws etc.

It feels wonderful to be in charge of every detail. Nobody talks into it. But still to have the support of people helping to make decisions and to give advice. I will have to live with every bad decision, or vice versa, will have the benefit of all well thought details the yurt will have.

Today I will install the wind break posts.

If there is one risk about living in a yurt, at least in the Hebrides, it’s not the sun, the rain, the cold, it is the wind. We had gales of 120 km/h! There is not much experience with those winds and yurts. If the come surprisingly and from the wrong direction the yurt will not fly away, but bend - the trellis (sides) could give in. So, the post I`m setting today should be strong enough to keep the walls upright. With rock being the ground of most of the yurt site, that’s a hell of a job. And I`m loving it :-)

By the way- moving in date is already in a week .-)

Concrete posts almost done...

Perfect weather for building the yurt platform

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