Day One

We have chilly 4°C. Frost on the lawn in the morning. The sun slowly crawls over the mountain slope. A sunny day is a good day, no mater what the thermometer says. A white tailed eagle (See-Adler) drifts bye from the smooth ocean over the crofts fields in front of us, saying hello, flapping his huge wings a bit just to disappear again behind the mountain ridge to the south. What a welcome! Mull is blessed with wildlife, says David, whom we meet in the afternoon to make arrangements about the Leob Crofts bullock and calf who have joined his herd in the outrun (the wilderness outside the more cultivated croft surroundings). This summer Jonathan let the cows out because on the croft was not enough grass. A bit later a golden eagle (Steinadler) comes into view circling about the wide landscape. I walk down to the ocean to greet the water. On the outcrops of rocks, little islands just some hundred meters away, about 25 harbour seal are laying on the rocks, sunbathing. Just one couple of seal are in the water, just meters away from me celebrating a mating dance, as if not watched at all. They dive belly to belly (copulating?), occasionally the heads out of the water, sweetly kissing each other, obviously totally in love. It’s seal mating season. A first winter guest from the north is swimming on Loch Scridain. And then he disappeared, and back again. It’s a diver: the arctic smew (Zwergsäger). Later I see a big flock of about 20 Rock Ptarmigans (Alpenschneehühner) running over a field. What a great entry to many observations to come.

On our “second” first day (when coming “home” after returning the van that we hired for the transportation of your things in Germany), we arrived in the dark in heavy rain. We drove 40-50 km/h because we didn’t see much. Gallons of water swept over the car. The streets were flooded, practically no sight at all, the front lights of the car just made water drops reflect a bright dazzling light, so we saw the rain as a moving veil of glittering white.

When we arrived at Leob, it stopped raining, the sky cleared up and we could easily walk to our new home. Now, with temperate 10°C, which felt almost warm, we are starting to settle in…

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