Fiona’s Places

Fiona’s Birthplace

Approaching Edinburgh from the East the A7 takes you slightly downhill, there are some curves, dykes along the road, first suburban housing quarters. Then, suddenly, you see Arthurs Seat before you rising high and mighty with is majestic strong features, often lit by sunlight, so it is appearing rather orange or yellowish. There is a lower hill in front of Arthurs seat, with one of theses picturesque, very Scottish ruined castles (Craigmillar castle) on top of it. And then, down in the valley – the road goes down towards it – a huge, new white building complex, the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, one of Scotland’s biggest and most renowned hospitals.

Fiona’s first nature walks

As we were staying with Katherine (for 5 weeks!) near Humbie, that’s the place Fiona has lived so far for the longest time of her life. When she had high Jaundice levels (very yellow skin), I took her out for little walk in the daylight (and sometimes into the sun). Large trees, first snowdrops on the ground, meadows, herds of cattle, pheasants, tawny owls calling. A few days ago we have moved to a place near Gifford (“Quince Cottage”), quite closed to Pishwanton Wood. Here we take walks over large fields of grassland, along some lakes, hilly lands and the wood of Pishwanton. This is the landscape of the Lothians, many round capped hills, agriculturally rich, full of rooks, jackdaws, geese, the snow covered Lammermuir Hills in the background. The farmer here brings food to the flocks of sheep that are staying the winter on a bare field outside our window where the almost full moon shine on our happy and tired faces at night time.

Fiona’s Registration Place

The other day we registered Fiona. It needed to be done in the closest registration office to the place where we are staying, which is Haddington. The city council is named after John Muir, one of my heroes. He was born closed by (in Dunbar) and – as a young man – went to the United States, where he became the fist environmentalist and founder of the national park movement. He also – as he loved writing – is one of the “nature writers” that I feel so connected with. Fiona is registered now in a building bearing Muirs name and memory. Haddington otherwise is a sweet little town, picturesque and on High Street with many lovely little shops. I found there (unexpectedly) Dr. Hauschka Face Wash Cream (very expensive though, which Chorlot desired, and which I gladly bought her), I found organic herbal teas for breastfeeding and Weleda Arnica Massage Oil, organic essential oils, golden pens etc. Haddington is where we do our shopping most of the time and where we go for the dentist and GP tomorrow. Where we see the mental health professionals, which were supporting us during our rough start. Maybe tomorrow (Monday) we will be there (for now) for the last time, since we eagerly are looking forward to go back to Mull on Tuesday.

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