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Aktualisiert: 30. Jan 2019

I’m still moving like a monkey between my bed and the bathroom. I’m eating like a crocodile. Last night, my sweet little thing was on my breasts from 11 pm till she finally fell asleep at 7 am. She is now (11 am) making waking-up-noises. Soon she’ll open her eyes to this sunny morning. I use this "holy time", when she is asleep, for myself. I just prepared my first two sourdough breads since the birth. It feels like my first breads ever. I feel newborn. Mothers are born as well. I’ve pressed a baby, bum first, out of my womb (after 37 hours of contractions). In this last 45 minutes I hardly had any help from contractions and I had moments I thought I couldn`t do it. A midwife and a doctor encouraged me. And there she was! She is called Fiona Johanna. We knew the name was right, once she was placed on my belly. She is our little precious brave girl.

Note from Renatus: this post represents a state from 4 days ago. For instance breast feeding and night sleep have improved since then.

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