Honoring Beauty

Sparky comes with us on walks sometime; grey seal sun bathing on the rocks; wild goose breeding on the shore.

Being on earth is a rich experience. The good and the bad, the worrying and the easing, hope and doubts, depression and exhaled joy are wisely intermingled to the mix, that we call "life". We think its about time to focus on some positive things and to exercise gratitude, to honor what we have and what is continuously given to us. In my case, this is the Scottish nature and its abundance all around us- especial now in spring time.

Fiona wants to be outside from morinng till late.

A walk down to the sea, a short stroll through the hazel forest, through the sea of bluebells to the the wetland and the heather on the basalt cliff at the shore, looking over to the Burgh and the little islands on which the grey seal are sunbathing, along a little track, spotting for otters and the great northern diver (Prachttaucher), now in impressive summer plumage. Here I check for the two pairs of stone chats (Schwarzkehlchen)breeding here. Further along the wetland, where willows are growing, I hear the lively and ever-changing chatting of the sedge warbler (Schilfrohrsänger) and further in the thicket from the bushes the grasshopper warbler (Schlagschwirl). These three species where not here last year! Some evenings they roam around and sing even outside our window at the little rainwater pond, loudly until night falls. Then we open the balcony doors, sit in the darkening room, Fiona sleeping and us parents, tired and happy, and dose away, blessed by the land.

Läusekraut und Sumpfdotter (dont know their English names right now...)

Since yesterday a second sedge warbler sings next to the garden fro the swampy towards the windmill. I hope he will stay and not move on. He is wonderful company when I`m watering the vegetables in the morning sun. And there is a kt of watering at the moment- we didn't have proper rain for 8 weeks! Still spring breaks though with an impressive strength and endurance as if water is not needed. But looking closer signs of drought are there- the meadow grass is not really growing and some grasses and flowers go right into flowering, not bothering to develop any greenery. We might not have enough hay this year for winter as a result. But the weather forecast promises lots of rain for this weekend and the days are still getting longer and warmer...

Without knowing all the names of all the flowers (its about time to get a UK plant identification guide), here are the flowers me meet on the describe little walk down to the sea... (for honoring the names are actually not that important).

Fieberklee (Menyanthes)

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