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We had our 5th Summer School from 18th to 25th July. Usually we would have a "Travel Week" afterwards. Not this year. But Charlot, myself and Fiona went on a special tour as a "holiday". In 14 days we did a trip up north along the west coast, to Skye, from there to the outer Hebrides, North Uist, from there along the chain of islands southwards (Grimsay, Benbecula, South Uist, Erikskay, Barra), and from Barra, a 5 hour ferry sea crossing back to Oban and Mull (passing Coll and the Small Isles which we circled in this trip).

Please enjoy some impressions.


Our first days of the trip were dedicated to Broch towers. Dun Telve in Glenelg is the best preserved example of these iron age monuments.

Dun an Sticir (Broch) North Uist. Here just the foundations survived, but its location is somewhat archetypal. On an artificial (men made) island in a loch.

A graveyard in the machair of North Uist. Once an iron age village, later with a "St. Columba" chapel, today only the old grave slabs and a Celtic atmosphere still prevails.

The wonderful setting on "Pobull Fhinn" (Finnians People). Stone circle on North Uist.

The first university of Scotland. The ruins of Trinity Chapel (Teampull na Trionaid), North Uist.

The ruins of a St. Michael chapel on a wonderful mount on the east end of Grimsay overlooking the Minch to Skye (in this picture looking south to flat Benbecula).

Also a special place, the airport of Barra. Plains can only land when there is low tide...

Yes, we also visited my favorites: standing stones. This beauty stands on the southern end of South Uist overlooking the Sound of Barra.

On Barra we found three typical places founded by Celtic Saints. This one by St Barr or Finnbarr, Kilbarra Chapel. With a wonderful early version of a Celtic cross.


(trying to catch something archetypal of that island)


North Uist





Claigan Coral Beach, Skye

Clachan Sands, North Uist

Eoligarry, Barra


She even was super with midges .-)

Always cheerful, always hungry :-)

and never tired...

and the picture that sums it all up:

Hebridian bliss!

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