Leob Croft: Seeking - Community Member with Caring and House Keeping Responsibilities

What is Leob Croft?

We are a crofting community living on wonderful unspoiled land of 12 hectares, 8 miles from Iona and directly facing the Island of Staffa. We are a living and learning environment with the special quest of trying to be guided by the spirit to create a healing place, even ‘a bit of heaven’. ‘We’ includes Jonathan and Ann who as lapsed architects, were guided to become owners of Leob in 1998 and since then, through the use of the land and erection of building (including 3 self-catering places) - and with a somewhat unknowingly Goethean approach have created a special place with spiritual qualities - we even have a natural cathedral among the hazel woods. In 2014 Renatus was guided to seek shelter here and immediately had the vision that this was ‘the perfect place for a Summer Camp’. There have now been 4 camps involving up to 50 participants from around the world who also join with local people. In 2018 he was joined by his partner Charlot, who is a eurythmy therapist to come and live at Leob and later baby Fiona. They are using their extensive knowledge of the natural world to give lectures, set up workshops and establish a thriving vegetable garden and the introduction of bees. These activities on Leob are founded on our common quest to seek the spirit in nature and in ourselves whose combination is beautifully symbolized by the Celtic cross. At the start of each week we stand on a different spot of the croft to do a nature study, to say a verse and finish with the eurythmy gestures for the word Leob, pronounced Leeb meaning love in German.

What is the need we have?

Ann, age 69, has developed Parkinson’s symptoms since 20 years ago. Jonathan is doing most of Ann’s care but is getting to a point where he needs more support for it. Such, we are looking for a dedicated loving person, who likes to spend time with Ann and also support Jonathan both domestically and his wider involvement on the croft. This means a household support and company, a good loving eye to make their place a homely space. As a community we are hoping to grow. Ideally you would want to become part of the community and join into the community life i.e. our weekly meetings and the social life that we share. Still you would have your own space and remain fairly independent. We don't share everything. In fact, we are looking for a person seeking fulfillment in the duties and who wants to find new purpose in life, in community living and in creating your own niche within the opportunities Leob Croft provides. Our immediate aim is to concentrate on becoming largely self-sufficient in food production where possible contributions are needed in looking after the land, garden, micro dairy, building. Even now in this early stage of our community we live with a combination of good cooking, conversation and cultural exchange. In the long run we hope to extend what we do for ourselves to include both local people their children’s needs, and those from afar, particularly ‘Steiner’, who can similarly feel at home, can be well fed from the croft and can be both spiritually stimulated and nourished by the ethos of Leob Croft.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an open minded and spiritually interested person looking for a timeout or long-term involvement in a remote but beautiful place. You must be physically fit and preferably able to lift Ann who is slight in build. But Ann’s main physical needs are provided from a friendly team of local authority carers who come in two or three times a day and with whom there is much interaction and fun. We are not therefore looking for a professional carer but rather for someone who can provide more in between pastoral care for Ann and support for Jonathan in the home. We do not want to be too prescriptive either of the type of person or their tasks but rather to cast the net wide in the hope that someone, young or older, long term or short term will be inspired to join us. We are looking for a person who will self-tailor their practical activities to fit their own inclinations with the needs of Ann and Jonathan’s home and other opportunities in the wider Leob project. While co-creating as a community member it is essential that you also remain independent and not reliant.

On what terms would you join the Leob Croft community?

We can offer a separate room or small flat for your private space. A modest payment can also be discussed as can full board if needed. Otherwise you would blend into Ann and Jonathan living environment and the crofting life. Fundamentally this is about someone coming to be part of this community in a beautiful part of the world as the primary reason. We also do not rule out solutions involving a couple.


It is important that you and us too feel comfortable together. An open-ended trial could start this summer. If you`re interested in this adventure send us a short email with your motivation and background to: leobcroft@hotmail.com. As a first step we will invite you to a skype or zoom meeting. For more information and pictures of the Croft and the accommodations see: www.leobcroft.co.uk We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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