"Mama, if you look after yourself, I`ll do the same..."

What?! What did you just say?

I'm pushing the pram and meanwhile I look into my daughters dark blue eyes and suddenly that sentence comes to me...

Do all people know these kind of things, except me?! What is wrong with me? Being a therapist, I thought I knew these kind of things... (How could I tell someone what to do to become healthy, if I don`t no how to become healthy myself? I thought I knew it.)

In fact, I knew too much. I had to experience it.

Experience, that there is something true about this sentence:

"Beaucoup d'enfants ont des parents qui sont difficiles à élever." (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

I was taking painkillers for different reasons, I was having sleep difficulties and I found myself driving too fast on a single lane road (with cars coming from both directions).

I went to Iona on an ordinary Sunday. Just an ordinary Sunday (actually it was yesterday, the official Easter Sunday). For me, Easter had already been a month ago. Resurrection had already been. Some weird people had decided, this year Easter would be a month later. A premier in history. I couldn't celebrate Easter today, so I didn't. Instead I went for a walk and learned a different lesson.

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