As you might have noticed, we have been quite silent the last couple weeks. We have been silent, because we`d been busy worrying. Yes, we too, have worries!

We have always been very optimistic - you might call it naïve - about our living here, this new little thing in the far west of Scotland. And suddenly we were running out of money. First Renatus bank account went empty and then Charlot’s account followed. Good friends, acquaintances and people who preferred to stay anonymous helped out and when also that money disappeared like snow in the sun, we started to be a little nervous...

Everything seemed to be totally stuck. Clients of Renatus’s freelance jobs didn’t pay the invoices, important emails stayed unanswered. We had no money to pay the first bills for the yurt (our new home). Last but not least, it felt like we were still like illegal refugees in this country. First it took us ages to find out, that the key to this country seems to be a “national insurance number”. Without this number you can’t register, can’t open a bank account or apply for child benefits. But it’s not straight forward to get one. We tried, but were always sent from one to the next... To start a business, you need to be registered, you need to have a bank account, you need a national insurance number... We tried to get this number and found out that we couldn’t get it. There is no office where we could go to talk to someone. The only way is to do it by telephone. Renatus talked to fifteen different people on the phone, who had all been referring him to other phone numbers. Currently we managed to initiate the process. Now we are waiting to hear back from someone... Renatus got into an incredibly bad mood and his back started to hurt again. Charlot, who had actually decided to trust, slowly started to wonder, if she would need to start worrying as well?

And then, like a miracle, on the day after the most depressing day, suddenly things started to flow again: Jonathan decided to co-own the yurt and pay a share of the deposit bill. We could start to move on! Emails got answered. Suddenly invoices where payed. Money started to come in, we could to the wood order, pay for the wood burning stove (for heating and cooking) for the yurt etc...

Last week Renatus and Jonathan started digging into the rock and preparing the place for the yurt. Our dream, to be able to live in a yurt seems to work out! We’re going to stay!

Two academics at work :-)

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