Oxytocin and Modern Life – Part 1

Oxytocin is the key. And the door. To natural birth. But its not limited to that alone. It is the one and the same hormone for the whole process of “birth”, from contractions to the actual delivery and then on, for bonding with the child and milk production of the breast.

Its role is still not of that alone- it is, one might say, even part of conception, such covers the whole cycle of a child to incarnate, from conception to becoming an independent adult. When two strangers becoming lovers, find each other, trust each other, entangle into each other, the woman opening to receive, the man trusting to let go- an organism is only

possible and a result of oxytocin, because of this magic molecule. And later, once the child is there, this very hormone helps the parents though sleepless nights, to stay true to this human being entrusted to them until the child finds its way into independence. Likely it will never cease to play a role in the relationship to the child, no matter how grown up or independent it is. Worries, thoughts, good wishes and empathy towards all its actions, decisions, experiences, good and no to good, will accompany the parents.


Oxytocin somehow is a "mother" thing. But man have it as well .-)

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