Paradise in Nature?

When I step out of the door, I step on grass. Our houses at Leob Croft are blended into the landscape and its lush nature. It would be difficult to find another place like this to live so close to the elements and the land, like we enjoy here. That's why we came here and it is what we appreciate each day.

We are working an solutions to build a community at Leob for sustainable and environmentally responsible living. It seams as if we are close to that already. But the facts are different. We waste lots of energy (heating) due to bad insulation, the waste-water goes more or less untreated strait into the sea, plastics and mixed waste (household rubbish) will be collected at the street by a posh van, but goes to dump in the north of Mull. On this island there is only limited recycling. Most people burn their waste in the backyard...

I had a wake up call reminding me on this situation when a willow warbler (Fitis) banged against our door window and was dead immediately. I enjoy their very present song, sang from all directions by many individuals very much. Their melancholic tune makes up a lot of the atmosphere of this place. We live here to enjoy that kind of things. We benefit from the richness of nature and we are drawn towards it, searching ways of getting even closer by moving into a yurt, all made of natural and local material, everything self made and lots of love put into it. But then, bang, bird dead. Who caused it? Us enjoying the views with our nice double glazed windows? The cats kill birds almost daily. Its really a pain, I`m starting to hate them. But we also want to have cats and enjoy their otherwise lovely nature.

I guess one can`t do everything perfect! But it might be good to at least get aware of the difference and the tension between what we want and what we cause by it. Even when intentions are good. As soon as human beings interact with nature, it changes.

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