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This is what I always wanted: a nice girl, a family, a wonderful place to live. Yes, to live in my favourite place, Scotland, on an Island of the Hebrides and to live from what I love doing.

And I thought, well, to realize at least one wish out of this list would be great. And if luck strikes me, and would fulfil all my desires, then – just to stay humble – please one wish at the time.

But life always comes differently than expected...

I found a wonderful girl, Charlot.

She got pregnant, oh- we will become parents soon!

I quit my job in Switzerland to be able to live somewhere closer to nature and start an independent career as a goethean scientist-researcher and to dedicate myself stronger to being a freelance workshop leader, to offer seminars and karma trips (more about that in a later post).

This summer, Charlot came with me to help out at the "Summer School Iona and Isle of Mull" and got to know the amazingly beautiful Leob Croft on Mull. And - luckily - she liked it as much as I do.

Jonathan, the old, wise man of Leob Croft (which is a small farm) offered us a place to start with.

Wow, so - why are we hesitating? This is THE opportunity!

Well, its quite shocking to be confronted with the possibility of all your dreams to become true!

Or is it just being a chicken?

To be honest, we are not hesitating. We passed the Rubikon.

We decided to do it. To dare the move and to have the birth of our little one on Mull.

So, this is why this blog starts today. We want you to be part of this from the start.

We still have to get sorted. Find a midwife on Mull who is willing to help with a home birth - in a country crazy with laws and restrictions and a health system eagerly wanting you to make things as easy as possible for the bureaucrats and not for the patient or a young mother who actually would be fine with a "easy" and cheaper delivery at home and not in an sterile and expensive hospital or a birth centre (what a word..!?). Insurance issues tend to be quite tricky and Brexit around the bend does not make things easier.

But- we need to do it and we are on our way! Join our adventure! You can register as a member for the blog and write comments, you can support us as a patron or simply subscribe to this blog to receive our newest entries.

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