Rock Mysteries

We had a lovely short visit to Kilmartin Valley. Since a while I`m intrigued by Rock Art (Cup and Ring Marked Rocks). Kilmartin is the region in Britain with the highest density of those mysterious rock carvings. I visited a number of rock art places, but by far have not seen all of the approximately 40 sites around Kilmartin Valley. This time we walked to Ormaigh. It’s a spot with motives that occur only there. It has cups and cup and rings (which is usual) but in addition to that very precisely worked out motives looking like a rack-wheels. Very bizarre.

I will not write more about it here, since I`m currently working on a book about rock art (in German) which will be finished soon. Meanwhile please enjoy the pictures.

Cup Marks on one of the four standing stones at the alignment of Ballymeanoch

Autumn light in the valley

Part of the fun of rock art is, that thy often are in unusual and unexpected places, leading you to areas off the beaten track.

The view from Ormaigh, looking towards Scuaba, in the far distance (not really visible in the picture is Mull. On the far right the peak underneath the clouds is Ben More.

These nice follows are on the head of Kilmartin valley on the way from Carnasserie Castle to Ormaigh.

We also went to see the Stone Circle, Cairns, Crannogs and Standing Stone at Strontoiler. But maybe more in the focus her, my beautiful company for 2 wonderful sunny days in Mid-Argyll.

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