Spring on Mull

Yesterday I experienced a little stir - on the subject of spring: in the puddles and ponds much frog spawn. The Heron was sitting in the pond for 2 weeks already. The thought, that amphibians could already be active, had not accrued to me. I took a closer look, even butterfly caterpillars were creeping all over the heather... very nice too: a snipe directly in the pond in front my window often nice to watch ... The Short-eared Owls (which I know well from the summer here) are back today! A hen harrier in low flight over the still wintry looking meadows.

This morning for the first time full and long song of the Song-Thrush. Starlets, Robins, Dunnocks are already singing since Christmas. The many Blackbird around are still silent.

The garden is awakening: I pruned the currents. Until it started raining. Chickens are lying more eggs due to longer days and increase of sun intensity. The cows calling each morning earlier for me to come out to bring them some cobs and hey...

And a full moon again! We are starting to arrive here :-)

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