The Four Winds of the World

For 24 hours we have strong winds from the north. They made the temperatures drop to 1, 2, at night 0 or -1° Celsius. And they are new to us. We had easterlies (very cold), who are hitting our house full frontal, with drafts coming right through the keyhole (and other places), making it impossible to warm up the kitchen. But upstairs is alright. Westerlies (always with ran) are our main winds. They are ok for the kitchen, but upstairs, they hit our gable roof with full power, blowing through the walls as if they are not there. Specially the bathroom seems very sensitive towards theses winds. The northerlies of last night and today blew our upstairs doors (to the balcony) open with gales of up to 78km/h. But otherwise, except for being quite noisy, they are alright, bringing hail some rain, clear skies with sun, veils of hail again. Winds from the south are heavy with rain, quite mild and not very strong. Whilst we were in Edinburgh, we had a new fire wood delivery. We have the stove on now almost 24 hours and we are having it wonderfully cosy and warm. We don’t mind the winds, we rather love them.

The photos are from a late afternoon walk (today) up the hill south of Leob with the hail in my back and - on my way back home - in my face. But nevertheless, I loved it and took some picture. If someone of you ever wanted to visit Atlantis, I now know where it lays hidden.

When the day darkens, When dusk grows light, When the dew is falling, When Silence dreams ... I hear a wind Calling, calling By day and by night.

What is the wind That I hear calling By day and by night, The crying of wind? When the day darkens, When dusk grows light, When the dew is falling?

Out of the Palace Of Silence and Dreams My voice is falling From height to height:

I am the Wind Calling, calling By day and by night.

(Fiona MacLeod)

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