The Yurt

The 24 foot (7.31 m) diameter yurt is now our home. It was a long way to get there, and now it suddenly materialized! Its amazing. The first nights and days have been wonderful (even though we still have no stove, almost no furniture etc. But its all on its way, we are building the kitchen right now, we will have cold and hot water and a stove (wood burner for heating and cooking). The stove is on its way to Mull and should arrive any day now. The stove will make it easy to feel comfortable in it, even in winter (and right no, we have 8°C- fells quite cold...).


When negotiation with Jonathan about us moving to Mull last summer, we already mentioned "the yurt". We need somewhere to live... During last winter, when the holiday accommodations are not rented out we were able to stay in the "Jam House". But the holiday season has started now and the income is needed, so it was time to get the yurt ready for us to move into it.

Already in November `18 we visited "Red Kite Yurts" in the highlands near Callander to talk about our yurt idea. They were very friendly and open to all our unusual ideas (like the massive front with oak door and double glazed windows). James, who also just had his first baby, was immediately intrigued by our vision and did a wonderful job on all the woodwork. He is a real craftsman, though his approach is "learning by doing". This - as I`m probably learning and living by the same way, connected us in some ways. Without their (James`s and Paul`s) advises, I could not have constructed the platform. Though Jonathan of cause was involved in the planing of it as well. His experience with building gave me confidence to do it (even though we did not always agree on the way to do it). Another visit in December to Callander finalized the contract. In January Jonathan and myself went there again to talk about certain questions we still had. It feels as if they became friends- it`s an intimate thing to built ones own house (and have others involved in it)!

Financial support by Jonathan and my brother made it possible to have it now within the ambitious short time frame.

And, oh my good, I was very busy building that platform. Jonathan and myself doing the earth (and rock) work, was a tough job. But at least for that we had no time pressure. Within 10 days I needed to construct the wooden platform. With help from Josef (from Iona) and Roland (Fiona`s godfather), occasionally from Charlot and also Maren (Fiona`s godmother), we managed to do it just in time. Fortunately we had 10 consecutive days of sunshine! One day if rain, and it would not have worked out.

Now the yurt is there, and we live in it!

It survived it`s first heavy rain, winds with gust of 30m/h. So we trust it will withstand also more uncomfortable weather. We have to see. For now its heaven!

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