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Aktualisiert: 10. März 2020

Three things I learned about the weather in the last weeks

1. It` a rhythmic phenomenon (in short terms)

Here at Leob, we have corrugated iron roofs (i case of the yurt it is a canvas, which works like the membrane of a drum) - this means, rain becomes a very present feature to the ear. One hears the rain tapping on the roof. One hears the constancy of it. Is it a light shower, a heavy blow of big drops, hail, icy pins hammering on it. One hears together with it the wind, how it blows, constantly or in waves, the direction of the wind etc. One main observation is: rain comes in waves of waxing and waning. It swells and seizes away. This for sure has to do with the wind, but not only. Even on wind free days a "constant" precipitation acoustically reveals its rhythmic nature. It`s never "constant", it is growing in intensity and then it`s dying away, a force operating with gravity, but also with levitation, it presses on you and also lets go again, always changing.

2. It` a rhythmic phenomenon (in intermediate time intervals)

Weather has to do with the landscape. The following picture says more than words, 1, 2, 3, 4 mountain tops, 1, 2, 3, 4 clouds repeated on different layers...

3. It` a rhythmic phenomenon (in long terms)

At Leob, Jonathan, Ann, Charlot, myself and Fiona are gathering every Monday for a nature observation. Weather being part of what we observe. It hast been striking to experience that since the new year there was a repeated pattern in weather behavior. One week it was very wintery, cold, unfriendly, wet, bare, the next week it felt very much like spring being just around the bend, warm, friendly, dry. The next week it was again wintry, the one after that springy. The change of seasons, or the growing into the next season so to say happens in a rhythmic change of going forward and going backwards again, going a big step forwards and retreating again...

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